Don’t ignore your lawn during the winter months

Winter weather in Oklahoma can come in extremes. Often, people think they can forgo lawn care over the winter. However, colder temperatures do allow for some fertilization and care, including putting down pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments in December through January. Learn more about our 6-step lawn service program.

When weather permits, don’t forget to water during dry periods without rain.


Pests don’t give you a break just because it's cold

While you may not see as many crawly pests and insects in the winter, rodents and other pests tend to cozy up to human dwellings in the winter. They love warm attics and inviting nooks to escape from freezing temperatures. Simple pest control measures such as filling in cracks that allow them in before the winter will solve that problem. Also, you can set traps or lay down other preventative measures, such as improving your insulation with pest-repellent insulation that will keep your home warm while keeping pests out.

Up your curb appeal, protect the home turf

We are a full service pest control and lawn care service for the greater Oklahoma City metro since 1947. Our signature weed control and fertilization programs assure that your home’s curb appeal reflects the pride you have in your property. Proper tree and lawn care is about more than mowing and pruning. It’s a well-planned year-round strategy that brings out the best in your yard. Our pest control programs are safe, green, and gentle on your home and family, and are among the best, not only in Oklahoma City, but in Edmond and throughout the metro area. We gladly combat any unwelcome intruder, specializing in the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, and other eco-friendly methods.

Regardless of the season, no matter the pest, Acenitec provides complete care for your landscape, your home, your family, and families all over Oklahoma City. Contact us today at (405) 942.6321 and we’ll put our decades of experience to work for you.