Five Reasons Soil-Maximizer Liquid Aeration is Perfect for Your Lawn

Acenitec is proud to announce the release of our new product, Soil-Maximizer. This organic lawn care method combines the benefits of liquid aeration with thatch reduction, resulting in a beautiful, healthy yard that can bounce back even after the hottest Oklahoma summers. With Soil-Maximizer, your lawn typically costs less to... Read More

Oklahoma City Dog Park Guide

Here at Acenitec, we love dogs. In fact, we donate a portion of our profits to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and often post tips and tricks to help you maintain a safe house for your pet. As locals to Oklahoma City, we also know that sometimes you want to... Read More

Winter Lawn Care: 5 Things to Do for Your Oklahoma Lawn This Month

When your turfgrass takes its yearly snooze each winter, you may think it’s time for a hard-earned break from mowing, watering, and constant lawn maintenance. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. When your grass starts to look brown in the winter months, it’s still alive and has simply... Read More

Oklahoma Weeds: How to Spot and Treat Them This Fall

Oklahoma is no stranger to many types of weeds. These pesky plants can be a real nuisance, especially for those who have tried different methods to kill them, only to watch them grow back bigger and stronger than ever. Fall can be a nightmare season for gardening because everything is... Read More

Pet Perspective: How Oral Flea Medications Can Be Harmful to Dogs

From Gary Roberts, Acenitec President If you’re like me, your dogs are some of your best friends in this world. With the exception of children, elderly, and handicapped, who may lack the resources available for help, dogs and other domesticated animals are dependent on us for their care and well-being.... Read More

The Benefits of Insects: Why We Won’t Spray Certain Plants

We get it…When you see a creepy, crawling critter in your home or yard, you probably want it gone as fast as possible. While most bugs and pests (like ants, termites, and ticks) have no need to make themselves at home in your yard, there are certain insects that provide... Read More

The Ultimate Oklahoma Summer Guide to Ticks

Now that summer is officially here, Oklahomans all over the state will be ditching their rain boots and jackets for some fun in the sun. As you hit the hiking trails and spend more time in the great outdoors this season, creepy crawlers may be the last thing on your... Read More

Common Lawn Diseases in Oklahoma

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. All of that refreshing spring rain helps your plants begin to grow after their quick snooze in the colder months. Unfortunately, when your grass turns lush and green again, you’re more likely to notice the signs of lawn diseases that snuck... Read More

What You Should Know About Termite Damage

Spring is upon us here in Oklahoma City, which means warmer temperatures and plentiful rain. Although we look forward to blooming flowers and green grass this time of year, there’s one unwelcome visitor we don’t look forward to seeing: termites. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Oklahoma... Read More

Pest Prevention: Eliminating Spiders

No one likes an unwanted guest in their home, especially when said guests have eight legs. The good news is you can help protect your home from spiders by taking certain precautions. Benefits of Spiders While we know spiders aren’t necessarily appealing, we feel the need to stick up for... Read More