Our lawn and tree fertilization service creates lush, beautiful lawns that are a healthy environment for entertaining your neighbors, playing with your kids, or letting your pets roam free. Our lawn care services include fertilization with our exclusive blends of fertilizers that are tailored for Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather.

lawn & tree fertilization service by Acenitec employee

Between 100-degree temperature swings and long periods of rain and drought, Oklahoma is a tough place to maintain a lawn. Acenitec’s lawn program includes fertilization, as well as three separate pre-emergent applications, to maintain a continuous year-round barrier against weeds.

Acenitec has never believed in short-lived cheaper fertilizers. Our program utilizes long-lasting, slow-release fertilizers to give your lawn a more uniform growth factor. Only the highest quality pre- and post-emergent weed control chemicals and slow-release fertilizers are used on Acenitec lawns.

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